Best Quality

We will deliver absolutely the best quality of work. We go the extra mile to make sure we do everything required (and more) to assure our customers have the best possible product.

Give A Little Extra

We won’t “nickel and dime” you for small extras. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. We want to invest into the local community by making it the best place to live. We support local non-profit organizations in the area because we want to invest in our community.

Come Home Better Than You Left

Return home better person than you left – first of all that includes safety. Coming home safe is the top priority. Additionally, we take pride in our work and we want to be inspired by our craft. At Mountain Coast Electric, we are inspired to do the best possible work. We want that attitude to overflow into our “outside of work” lives as well. We want to come home in a better condition physically, financially and mentally.